Luton Box Van (with Tail-Lift) Hire

(*or similar vehicle)

When it comes to cargo volume, our Luton body vans are the top choice for significant payloads.

This lightweight box body and storage area have a roller shutter door that ensures easy access when loading goods.

This van is fitted with a functional tail lift at the rear to make heavy lifting even smoother. With all these features combined, you can take on your larger loads without worrying about space constraints.

The Luton van is perfect for your big jobs, such as moving home, delivering heavy items, picking up large amounts, etc.

These vans have a mechanical tail lift which can lift loads of 500kg. It is a popular choice of the large van along with our Boxers.

You also have options for additional extras such as adding an extra driver, sack truck, or reducing standard excess if needed. This can help make your experience even more convenient while still staying within budget.

Rest assured that Drivalia Van Rental has all your needs covered when it comes to renting large-sized Luton Box Vans (with Tail-Lift) – giving you peace of mind knowing that we have the best vans available direct from our website.

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