Maxus / Citroen Relay (Large Vans)

(*or similar vehicle)

When you have a load that needs to be transported with maximum efficiency without sacrificing comfort, the LDV Maxus long-wheelbase van is your best choice.

This vehicle effortlessly carries up to 1350 kg and features rear and side doors and anchor points for all your hauling needs.

Whether a move or general-use haul, this long wheelbase option will get the job done!

Our vans offer you a reliable, comfortable and cost-effective solution for any of your transportation needs, no matter if it’s for domestic or commercial use.

We have a wide selection of vans, including large-sized LDV Maxus vans that are ideal for everything from light haulage to house moves.

Our LDV Maxus van has a long wheelbase with ample room inside and plenty of cargo space, making it the perfect choice for transporting larger items such as multiple washing machines.

This vehicle also contains rear and side doors, which make loading and unloading much easier, and anchor points that can be used to secure heavier loads.

Plus, its maximum loading weight is 1350 kg so you can move heavy goods without worry.

At Drivalia van rental, we strive to offer our customers the best prices and a hassle-free booking system and customer service on Sundays.

When you book your van hire with us, you can add optional extras such as an extra driver, GPS/Sat Nav, or reduce standard excess, giving you even more freedom when planning your trip.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable solution to fulfilling any transportation needs, look no further than Drivalia van rental!