Clean Air Zones Regulations (CAZ)

Most cars in our Category C and upwards will have decent-sized boot.

Certainly enough to fit luggage, maybe even a folded pushchair. But once you reach the estate models and the large family cars and MPVs, with seats folded down you’re looking at more than 600 litres of boot space.

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area in the UK where targeted action is taken to improve air quality.

Whether a vehicle is charged when entering or moving through a CAZ depends on the type of vehicle and the Euro standard of the vehicle.

How Does CAZ Affect Your Drivalia Van Rental?

All the vehicles from Drivalia Vans comply with the new GOV.UK regulations.

We do, however, advise that all hirers check with the below links before entering “clean air zones” as Drivalia does not control any changes or cannot accept any liability for amendments in relation to any clean air zones or other charges.

Useful Links for Our Customers: